Cynthia Nambo

Leadership Coach


Cynthia Nambo is a Leadership Coach with the Network for College Success. She coaches high school principals, assistant principals, school-based leadership teams. Cynthia is also a part of the team to support the NCS's innovative national platform.

Her contributions have spanned different realms of education: Chicago Public Schools (CPS), alternative schools, bilingual education, charters, universities, and CBOs. She has served as a counselor, teacher, university instructor, consultant, school designer, professional developer, coach, and administrator. A marked accomplishment was as Project Director of the Little Village Lawndale Campus, a small school design. In addition, she engineered grants and innovative program designs for academic excellence via competency-embedded curriculum; restorative justice; and community impact. Cynthia has worked and presented across the United States, Poland, and Canada.  She is most proud of being a parent of 2 bilingual daughters that benefit from a dual language education and a quality public education.

Cynthia holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also received one Master’s Degree in Urban Bilingual Teaching from Columbia College and another Master’s in School Leadership from Northeastern University with a Type 75 Administrative Certificate.