Jacquelyn Lemon

Co-Executive Director


Jacquelyn Lemon is a Co-Executive Director with the Network for College Success. Prior to joining the University of Chicago, Jackie served as the inaugural principal of Chicago Talent Development High School (CTDHS). During her time at CTDHS, she facilitated a unique partnership with Chicago Public Schools and John Hopkins University to provide students with the foundation for successful careers in various health/human services and media/technology professions. Before joining CTDHS, Jackie served as a teacher at Mary C. Terrell Elementary School and Walter H. Dyett Middle School, and as assistant principal at Steinmetz Academic Center. During her tenure as contract principal of Walter H. Dyett High School, she guided staff and the school community in reshaping the instructional focus of the school as it transitioned from a middle school and evolved into a high school.

Jackie has earned multiple degrees and certificates in Psychology (Governor’s State University), Education (Chicago State University) and Administrative Leadership (Lewis University). As a LAUNCH Fellow (Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago), she received advanced training in the principles of effective leadership.