Tinaya York

Literacy Coach


Dr. Tinaya York joins NCS as a Literacy Coach. She was an educator with Chicago Public Schools for 17 years as a teacher, literacy coach, librarian, manager, and most recently an Instructional Support Leader (ISL) for 42 schools in the district.  As an ISL, her main role was to provide literacy support to high school and elementary schools, create and execute year-long professional opportunities for high school teachers on Reading Apprenticeship, and work closely with schools to improve learning outcomes.  She is proud that she played a role in increasing the percentage of elementary students who are reading at grade level, from 33% in SY13 to 47% by SY16.

Tinaya received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she focused her research on early adolescent African-American struggling readers and their beliefs about race and their reading ability. Her intellectual passions also include coaching to improve the quality of instruction and engaging adolescents in their learning to build their literacy skills and increase academic achievement.