2018 Demonstration School Visits


The Network for College Success and the McDougal Family Foundation, in collaboration with Chicago Public Schools, have selected seven outstanding high schools to serve as our 2017-18 Demonstration Schools. These schools will promote the transfer of innovation and effective practices. The overarching goal is to speed the process of high school improvement to support greater numbers of students graduating ready for college.

We are organizing Demonstration School Visits throughout the year where participants will visit classrooms or school meetings, observe practices, and debrief their observations with colleagues. School Visits will offer participants the opportunity to see how school leaders translate research into effective practice to support student success and to consider how they could use those practices in their own context. Each school will host one (1) or two (2) half-day visits this academic year.

All upcoming Demonstration School Visits are now full. Please contact LaKisha Pittman should you need assistance regarding your registration.

Demonstration Schools and Focus Areas

Hancock: Freshman OnTrack & Bs or Better  (registration closed)
4034 West 56th Street
► April 27, 2018

Tilden: Disciplinary Literacy: WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship Framework (registration closed)
4747 South Union Avenue
► May 9, 2018

Goode STEM: Postsecondary Success through Early College Access (completed)
7651 South Homan Avenue
► November 7, 2017

Washington: Leveraging Postsecondary Supports (completed)
3535 East 114th Street
► December 14, 2017 

South Shore: Freshman OnTrack & Standards-Based Grading (completed)
1755 East 75th Street
► February 8, 2018

North-Grand: Freshman OnTrack & Student Success (completed)
4338 West Wabansia Avenue
► March 1, 2018 

Juarez: Evolving from Standards-Based Grading to Competency-Based Learning (completed)
1450 West Cermak Road
► March 8, 2018

All upcoming Demonstration School Visits are now full. Please contact LaKisha Pittman should you need assistance regarding your registration.

Registration Fee
There is a registration fee of $50 for participants. The registration fee may be waived for NCS Partner School participants. 

Once your registration is confirmed, you will be contacted via email with payment information. ISBE Clock Hours are available.

Cancellation Policy
Registrants who are unable to attend a Demonstration School Visit may request a full refund if NCS is notified of the cancellation at least 72 hours prior to an upcoming Visit. Registrants canceling within 72 hours of a Demonstration School Visit will not be eligible for a refund and must pay the registration free regardless of attendance.

For more information, please contact LaKisha Pittman, NCS Demonstration Schools Facilitator.