Our work with school leaders has resulted in unprecedented gains across the district in key indicators of student success in high school and beyond.

On-Track and High School Graduation

According to the UChicago Consortium on School Research (the UChicago Consortium), an NCS partner, three critical indicators that impact student success in and beyond high school are the On-Track to Graduation rate, the high school graduation rate, and the college enrollment rate. The On-Track rate is a key metric in the freshman year that shows a direct correlation between the number of core courses students pass in 9th grade and their graduation rate. In 2019, our cohort of schools averaged a 91% On-Track to Graduation rate. Schools with NCS for three or more years achieved a rate of 92%. For more information on On-Track, click here.

RTC Med Prep 2017 Graduation


In the past 13 years, Chicago Public Schools have experienced unprecedented increases in graduation rates, from 57% to 79%. In 2019, NCS partner schools achieved an average high school graduation rate of 83%. Schools with NCS for three or more years achieved a rate of 86%.

College Access and Enrollment

Our latest college enrollment data, from 2019, indicates that 74% of students in NCS partner schools for 3+ years enrolled in a postsecondary institution.  While 2020 college enrollment data are not yet available, our work with counselors last year resulted in 73% of students applying to at least one match college. A "match" college is one that meets students' academic qualifications, including GPA and test scores. Students who enroll in "match" colleges are more likely to persist and graduate. In addition, 40% of students in our partner schools applied to three or more match colleges.