The Network for College Success (NCS) envisions Chicago neighborhood high schools that continuously cultivate collaboration, powerful learning, and a culture of high achievement to prepare all students for college and career success.

NCS uses research to design and facilitate professional learning that builds the capacity of school leaders to help all students attain high levels of academic achievement. Through cross-school learning communities and job-embedded coaching, we support district leaders, principals, teachers, and counselors to:

  • strengthen school leadership
  • improve teaching and learning
  • support freshmen transitioning into high school
  • prepare students for quality postsecondary options
  • support culture and climate
  • integrate research and data into daily practice

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Partnering with NCS has been such a valuable opportunity for me and has helped me to be a better leader. Being able to have access to CCSR research and reports is powerful and helpful when facing “brutal facts” and working for change. Thanks!

                                                  --NCS Cohort Principal


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