Freshman Success for Equity Improvement Network

In 2020, NCS established a second Network for School Improvement (NSI) funded for five years by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This new network includes eleven CPS high schools that will work towards the high achievement of Black and Latinx 9th graders through racial equity work and continuous improvement.

This improvement network serves approximately 70 educators and administrators on Freshman Success Teams, who engage in frequent cross-school professional learning. The essential question for the network is, What do I/we need to know and be able to do to transform schools so that Black and Latinx students experience deep and joyful learning in our school communities?
NCS will also provide intensive equity-based coaching to educators in each school. As a result, we anticipate impacting at least 2,000 ninth-grade students annually.

Click here to download a Chicago map of schools in the network.


1. Chicago Vocational Career Academy

Principal Douglas Maclin

2. Daniel Hale Williams Prep High School

Principal Jullanar Naseli

3. Foreman College and Career Academy

Principal Anthony Escamilla

4. Frederick Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

Principal Jennifer Sutton

5. Gage Park High School

Principal Tamika Ball

6. George Henry Corliss High School

Principal Kevin Coppage

7. Gurdon S. Hubbard High School

Principal Angelica Altamirano

8. John F. Kennedy High School

Prinicipal George Szkapiak

9. Social Justice High School

Principal Omar Chilous

10. Uplift Community High School

Principal Tyrese Graham

11. Walter Payton College Preparatory High School

Principal Fareeda Shabazz