Data Quality Campaign: Giving All Students a Chance at Success in Chicago

The article, "Giving All Students a Chance at Success in Chicago," explores how high school teachers and leaders in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are using an on-track indicator to support students who are falling behind. This tool uses information on student behavior, attendance, and grades to identify students who may need extra help to stay on track for graduation.

Thanks to the on-track work in CPS, the high school rate of students on track to graduate rose from 57 percent to 84 percent between 2007 and 2014. This success is due in large part to the efforts of adults in schools and districts who used the on-track indicator to target students who needed a little more support.
In addition to sharing this work, the article features quotes from educators who have seen the impact of this work firsthand. Dr. Gregory Jones, principal at Kenwood High School, notes that thanks to the on-track indicator, "We don’t talk about kids failing anymore." Teachers across the district have access to information that shows which students may need more help to stay on track to graduation, and as a result, nearly 7,000 more Chicago students graduate each year.
At the Network for College Success, we believe that every student deserves a chance at success, and we're proud to highlight the work being done in Chicago to make that a reality.
Take a moment to read the full article and learn more about how the on-track indicator is supporting students in Chicago Public Schools.