Chicago Sun Times: Bill Gates lauds academic gains at Chicago high school

Chicago Sun Times recently highlighted Bill Gates' visit to North-Grand High School, where he learned about their freshman intervention program designed to keep students on track for graduation.
Gates was impressed by the school's use of evidence-based research to measure and improve performance, including their use of data to bolster student success. He noted that the school's graduation rates have rapidly improved compared to national averages.
One of the key factors contributing to North-Grand's success is their freshman intervention program. The program was implemented in 2012 when the school held the district's lowest rating of Level 3. School administrators worked with the University of Chicago's Network for College Success research group to identify incoming freshman students at risk of struggling with the adjustment to high school. These students receive additional progress reports and counseling to support them throughout their high school journey.
According to Gates, "this intervention... is surprisingly simple. But the returns have been tremendous." The students at North-Grand appreciate the fact that there is no mystery about their standing in their classes, which has helped to improve their academic performance.
During Gates' visit to the school, he had the opportunity to sit down with five students and other administrators for roundtable discussions. North-Grand Principal Emily Feltes said it was "one of the coolest things" she has been a part of in her seven years at the school.
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