Focus Areas

We offer coaching and professional learning opportunities that help educators, counselors, administrators, and district leaders focus on what matters most for high school students. 


Principal Leadership

Principals are the drivers of school improvement. We support principals to lead change through rigorous instruction, student transition supports, and postsecondary enrollment and success.
In addition, we build principals' capacity to develop teams and leaders that drive school improvement initiatives. Click here to learn more.

Instructional Improvement

We help teachers improve the quality of teaching and learning so all students are ready to succeed in college. To accomplish this, we work with the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) at each school we partner with to develop and strengthen their capacity to lead continuous instructional improvement in all academic departments.
The ILT uses data about their school, from test scores to student work, as well as current research, to determine a school-wide instructional goal and corresponding powerful practices that will improve student achievement. Click here to learn more.

On-Track to Graduation and College Readiness

We work with schools to develop social and academic supports and interventions that will increase the number of students who are On-Track to Graduate, particularly in the crucial ninth grade year when students are transitioning into high school.
We also support schools to focus on increasing student achievement to As and Bs so that all students are working at college-ready levels. Click here to learn more.

College Enrollment and Postsecondary Success

We recognize that students’ goals are as diverse and unique as they are—and that adults play a critical role in guiding students on their journey. In leaning into this notion, we partner with college and career counselors to develop school cultures that emphasize achieving personal goals post-graduation, particularly applying to, attending, and graduating from college. Click here to learn more.