Team Member Spotlight: Adelric McCain

We would not be able to fulfill our mission without our staff, a group of professionals who intentionally work across difference, are experts in their field, and care deeply about young people and their postsecondary journeys. 

Each month, we’ll highlight a member of our team by “passing the mic” to hear directly from them about their work and purpose. This month, we are highlighting Adelric McCain, Senior Director of Programs at NCS. 


What do you do at the Network for College Success? 

As the Senior Director of Programs, I lead a brilliant team of Program Directors, where we set conditions, support the development of, and remove barriers for our amazing team of coaches and data strategists. Our team is composed of the dopest coaches in the country – serving in the following networks: Partner School’s Network, Freshman Success for Equity Improvement Network, Midwest Regional Network, and the National Partners Network. 


How do you help high school teams build on the work they’re doing and make improvements? 

I support high school teams to build and improve on existing work by removing barriers and partnering with district-level and school-level administrators. Partnering with those leadership stakeholders allows us to set conditions for our coaching brilliance to shine, resulting in the capacity building of team leaders. 


What about the culture of NCS empowers you to show up the way you do?

NCS has always been a community where we work hard and celebrate hard together. There has been a consistent feeling of authentic family, with the prevailing sentiment that we are in this hard work as a collective. Coupling that with our culture of laughter and joy, it has enabled me to show up in my authentic self, where I feel empowered to grow and lead. 

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Hands down, the most rewarding part of my job is the people that I work with and the relationships that I have been privileged to develop throughout the 12 years that I have been at NCS. Again, it is our collective drive for improving schools and the shared experiences of success that forge strong bonds. 

Can you share a memorable moment or achievement during your time with NCS?

There are too many memorable moments to select one. I will share one that comes to mind most presently. I have been over-the-top proud of being a part of the conception, implementation, and leadership of our National Freshman Success Institute (NFSI). For eight years, we have trained over 1,000 educators from all over the country. I am reminded of our start-up and the risk we took to go from the first cohort of 46 participants to maintaining cohorts of 120+ for the past 5 years (even through the pandemic years). I am looking forward to making more memories regarding NFSI as we look to expand our impact with an NCS Ninth Grade Success Conference.

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing?

Besides reading (which I get to do infrequently these days), I love playing golf, doing board games, and puzzles, as well as watching Star Wars with my daughter. However, my most passionate interest is cooking. I love learning new recipes and developing recipes of my own. I am grateful to have a household of the most honest and appreciative tasters/judges.
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