Andrea Cortes

Postsecondary Coach


Andrea Cortes is a Postsecondary Coach with the Network for College Success. She collaborates with Chicago Public School counselors and Postsecondary Leadership Teams to incorporate adolescent development into postsecondary efforts. Andrea believes creating a school culture which supports integrated identity and agency will impact how students see themselves and build their capacity to make informed choices for life after high school. She also seeks to examine practice through an equity and researched informed lens.

Andrea’s experience as a Chicago Public School student and lifelong resident of the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago has shaped the way she advocates for young people. She began her career in postsecondary access as an Academic Advisor at the ASPIRA Inc. of Illinois Miguel Del Valle Youth Development Center and most recently worked as a College and Career Coach and Postsecondary Liaison at North-Grand High School. 

Andrea earned her B.A. in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In her downtime you can find Andrea enjoying nature walks with her dog Alaska.