Supporting Student Identity

Network for College Success partner schools are committed to implementing powerful student-centered practices. 

Tool Set A showcases different ways to support students as they integrate their identities into the context of college and career planning. This work is connected to the adolescent development research in Understanding Research & Applying Data: Tool Set B. Counselors and other educators can use the following tools as part of a school-wide plan to address students’ social-emotional learning needs, which is a crucial part of preparing them for life after high school.

Use the Tool Set

The full Supporting Student Identity Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the six tools in this Tool Set. 

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Tool Name Type

Freshman Passport: Tracking Postsecondary Milestones

A sample tool from Tilden High school to help students conceptualize important milestones related to postsecondary planning, which should begin as early as freshman year.


Behavior, Attendance, & Grades (BAG) Report

A sample BAG Report from North-Grand High School that provides a snapshot of a student’s progress in terms of behavior, attendance, and grades.


Overview of Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) Small Group Plan

A scope and sequence of a social-emotional learning and postsecondary planning support group for young women in Kelly High School.


Genogram Lesson Plan and Sample

A lesson plan to help students map out a genogram that focuses on their family’s education, career choices, and values. A sample of a student’s genogram is also included as a reference.


DREAMers Presentation

A description of the DREAMers Club at North-Grand High School, which creates a safe space for undocumented students to support each other, express their concerns about being DREAMers, and build their leadership capacity.


First Generation Documentary Overview

This film follows four first-generation high school students and chronicles their journeys as they encounter barriers and successes.