Developing Yourself as a Leader

Self-awareness and reflection are important characteristics of an effective Postsecondary Leader. 

They can help a leader understand how one’s personal history shapes his or her understanding of power. This understanding is key to how leaders work with team members and foster team growth. Postsecondary Leaders should also reserve time to understand the culture they are working in and the dynamics that can create both formal and informal leadership.

Tool Set A can help both Postsecondary Leaders and team members think about leadership at the beginning stages of team formation or to assess current team leadership. The tools offer ways to think about team dynamics and collaborative conversations where everyone’s voice is heard.

Use the Tool Set

The full Integrating a Developing Yourself as a Leader Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the three tools in this Tool Set.

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Tool Name Type

Reflecting on Yourself as a Leader

An article by Elena Aguilar, author of The Art of Coaching Teams, inviting educators to think about their leadership journeys and what it means to be transformative leaders.


What a Group Leader Does

A leadership framework that takes into account the development of a leader and key factors for leadership sustainability.


Critical Questions for Administrators on the Postsecondary Process

This list of questions is designed for administrators to think about how to support and organize postsecondary efforts in schools.