Unpacking Adult Mindsets

In order to better serve students, Counselors and other educators must begin by examining their personal beliefs and how they impact practice. 

Effective Postsecondary Leaders embrace change so they can truly adapt to the needs of team members and especially students. Of course, this can be hard to do. Tool Set B provides multiple viewpoints on how to engage in the process of changing beliefs as a leader as well as replicating this process in a school community.

Use the Tool Set

The full Integrating a Unpacking Adult Mindsets Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the five tools in this Tool Set.

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Tool Name Type

Willing to Be Disturbed

A chapter from Margaret J. Wheatley’s Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future. Wheatley asks educators to reflect on their willingness to have their beliefs and ideas challenged by others.


Changing the Discourse in Schools and Discourse I & II “T” Chart

An article and complementary chart that frame how much discourse in schools is structured to perpetuate the dominant culture rather than support the needs and interest of students.


Technical Problems vs. Adaptive Challenges

A chart that illustrates the difference between the technical and adaptive aspects of the work. The latter entails a focus on transforming beliefs, which will result in greater outcomes for students.


Schoolwide Professional Learning Workshops

An overview of Tilden High School’s professional development offerings focused on socializing students’ postsecondary and social-emotional learning needs.


Changing Professional Practice Requires Changing Beliefs

An article written by Nelson and Guerra that encourages Counselors and other educators to examine current beliefs and their impact on students.