NCS envisions a radical transformation of public high schools in the United States to communities of powerful learning for students and educators. We imagine schools in which all students excel academically and a society in which race and socio-economic status no longer predict future success.


NCS ensures college readiness and success for all students by translating research into practice and supporting high school leaders to organize their schools for improvement.

Core Values and Beliefs

► School-based leaders drive change in schools. Increasing their capacity as leaders is an essential lever for improvement.

► Educators have the capacity to solve their own problems when there is actionable data, research-based strategies, collaborative teams, and professional trust.

► School improvement happens when adults make their practice public and critically examine their work collaboratively. Trust is essential to adults’ willingness to engage in this process.

► Data is a powerful tool for school improvement when it is used to trace causes, seek solutions, and guide change. Data can be destructive when it is only used to judge and punish.

► Students’ intellectual capacity is not static. It grows when challenged and develops when teachers explicitly build academic mindsets and non-cognitive skills.

► Challenging leaders to interrupt inequities in schools and districts is vital to improving schools. All students across race, religion, family income, language, gender, learning disabilities, and sexual orientation deserve equitable access to quality schools and learning.