Understanding Research & Applying Data

College Access Progress (CAP) Report: Video and Sample

One way to create school-wide Tier I college application practices is to ensure that students are informed about their own college access level and which specific colleges are good academic matches for them. The sample CAP Report is a one-page college access summary that Counselors can give directly to students. The video describes the technical steps - using standard Microsoft Office software programs - to create reports like this quickly for a large number of students.


Calculating Application Match Video

This video describes a practical approach Counselors and other educators can use with application data to identify the students who need Tier II application supports. The video further offers ways to be strategic about seeking out the students who will most benefit from extra help.

Integrating the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Approach

This Network for College Success presentation showcases effective data-driven strategies to reach students through tiered interventions in the college application process. The accompanying video describes this theory of action at a high level in order to set the context for the more detailed instructional videos later in Tool Set C.

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Ready, Willing, and Able Educational Leadership Article

In Ready, Willing, and Able, Savitz-Romer and Bouffard call for a new approach to postsecondary work: one that emphasizes the key developmental tasks and processes of adolescence and integrates them into existing college-access practices in meaningful ways.

Foundations for Young Adult Success: A Developmental Framework

This research report offers wide-ranging evidence on what young people need to develop from preschool to young adulthood in order to succeed in college and career as well as have healthy relationships, be engaged citizens, and make wise choices.

The summary of the report is included in this Toolkit. For the entire report, click here >