Foundations for Young Adult Success: A Developmental Framework

This research report offers wide-ranging evidence on what young people need to develop from preschool to young adulthood in order to succeed in college and career as well as have healthy relationships, be engaged citizens, and make wise choices.

The summary of the report is included in this Toolkit. For the entire report, click here >

Increasing College Success for High School Seniors

A sample research presentation on the importance of a school-wide focus on college success in order to increase student enrollment and persistence. The presentation was created with Network for College Success Coaches and a UChicago Consortium researcher.

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From High School to the Future: Potholes on the Road to College

The goal of this research report is to help Counselors, educators, district leaders, and policymakers understand the adaptive challenges and practical steps to improve postsecondary outcomes for first-generation students and students of color, who now overwhelmingly aspire to go to college.

The executive summary of the report is included in this Toolkit. For the entire report, click here >

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The Developmental Relationships Framework

This Framework, produced by the Search Institute, has identified five elements—expressed in 20 specific actions—that make relationships powerful in young people’s lives. Educators must build relationships with freshmen so they can successfully navigate the transition to high school. These relationships not only support students in the classroom, but can help them discover who they are in the world. For more information on how the Search Institute helps educators discover what students need to succeed, click here >.

Annotated Bibliography of UChicago Consortium Research on the Transition to High School

Since the initial research on the On-Track metric, UChicago Consortium researchers have studied the transition to high school again and again to develop a large body of work on the critical nature of freshman year in Chicago Public Schools. This annotated bibliography provides an overview of the most important UChicago Consortium research over the past decade as well as how the findings push practice on the ground.

UChicago Consortium On-Track Briefs for Students and Parents

Created by the UChicago Consortium, these briefs provide a research-based, user-friendly explanation of the Freshman On-Track metric and how the metric relates to high school graduation and postsecondary outcomes. The Parent Brief is available in English and Spanish.