Monitoring Team Progress

All teams should create a plan to monitor effectiveness and progress. 

Sometimes, it can be challenging to assess how well a team is meeting its goals and effectively improving student outcomes. This is especially true if districts and high schools do not have a streamlined and reliable source with which to pull college enrollment and graduation rates. Tool Set C provides Counseling Departments and PLTs with resources to measure team progress as well as suggested protocols and assessments to monitor existing college access initiatives.

Use the Tool Set

The full Monitoring Team Progress Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the five tools in this Tool Set.

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Tool Name Type

PLT Assessment, Rubric, and Protocol

A PLT assessment and rubric developed by the Network for College Success to monitor team progress in four areas.


Stages of Team Development

Bruce Tuckman’s 1965 team development model that shows the typical phases of a group when developing, facing challenges, finding solutions, planning work, and delivering results.


Modified Ping Pong Protocol

A protocol that fosters a team discussion on an issue that all members are collectively facing.


Modified Charrette Protocol

A protocol that a team can use to improve on a piece of work. Presenters bring their ideas or the actual work in progress to the Charrette (community) and then ask the team to “work on the work” with them.


Data Driven Dialogue Protocol and Sample Data

This protocol builds awareness and understanding of the participant viewpoints, beliefs, and assumptions about student data while suspending judgment. Also included is a sample data set with which Network for College Success partner schools used this protocol.