Creating Postsecondary Leadership Teams (PLTs)

Postsecondary Leadership Teams (PLTs) work at the intersection of academic achievement and postsecondary access to create equitable outcomes for students. 

Unlike Counseling Departments, PLTs often include teachers and administrators in addition to Counselors and College & Career Coaches. High schools can use Tool Set B to develop PLTs that will promote school-wide college-going cultures. Counselors and other educators can refer to these tools as foundational documents to organize the work of a PLT, including how to run effective meetings and recruiting a broad range of staff.

Use the Tool Set

The full Creating Postsecondary Leadership Teams (PLTs) Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the seven tools in this Tool Set.

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Tool Name Type

What is a Postsecondary Leadership Team (PLT)?

A handout that describes a PLT and how to develop a school-wide college-going culture.


Creating a College Going Culture: A Resource Guide

A resource guide developed by Melissa Friedman MacDonald and Aimée Dorr on how educators can collaborate to create a school-wide culture focused on college success.


Roles and Responsibilities of PLT Members

A document from Tilden High School that lists each person on a PLT and what his or her role is on the team.


PLT Goals and Accomplishments Through the Years

A timeline from Washington High School that shows the PLT’s progression over a three-year span while highlighting the team’s focus areas and key supports.


Community Call: Reflecting on Your College Journey

A community call, or brief activity, from Tilden High School that can be used at a PLT meeting to help members reflect on their college journeys. This can inform the work of advising students as they begin the college access process.


Sample PLT Agendas

Three examples of PLT agendas from Kenwood Academy, Tilden High School, and Washington High School that incorporate learning, collaboration, and looking at student data.


Social Capital Poster: Recruiting Faculty Support

A poster from Kelly High School to recruit staff to support school-wide postsecondary efforts by socializing current metrics and stressing the importance of college match.