Planning Tools for Student Supports

Counselors and other educators should create multiple opportunities for students to become active participants in their college journeys. 

Schools can develop a wide variety of structures to disseminate college knowledge—such as one-on-one, small group, and/or whole group activities. Tool Set D contains several examples from Network for College Success partner schools on how to structure activities to support students and their postsecondary efforts. The following four-year models are a great starting point for Counseling  Departments and Postsecondary Leadership Teams (PLTs) to draft social-emotional learning supports and postsecondary expectations for all grade levels.

Use the Tool Set

The full Planning Tools for Student Supports Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the six tools in this Tool Set.

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Tool Name Type

Four-Year Social/ Emotional Support Model

A sample support model from Wells High School that indicates which themes, metrics, and skills should be the focus for each grade level.


Postsecondary Essentials: Grades 9-12 Planning and Expectations

A sample planning model from Juarez High School so Counselors and other educations can target the academic, social-emotional, and postsecondary domains for students at each grade level.


Comprehensive Four-Year Postsecondary Plan

A sample skill development model from Kelly High School so Counselors and other educators can target the academic, social-emotional, and postsecondary domains for students at each grade level. A snapshot of the plan for seniors is included in this Toolkit.

For the complete four-year plan, click here >


Senior Support Timeline

A timeline from Washington High School that can help Counseling Departments or PLTs map out senior postsecondary supports for the entire school year.


Plan for Supporting Students with FAFSA

A list of supports from Kelly High School to assist students during the financial aid season.


Thrive Senior Seminar Curriculum: Scope and Sequence

A suggested curriculum plan for Senior Seminar that is designed to address the social-emotional aspects of academic success and to help students through all aspects of the college application, selection, orientation, and enrollment process.

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