Strengthening Success Team Purpose

All teams experience difficult situations that result in conflict and decreased productivity. During these times, it is important for members to be selfreflective and clarify the team’s purpose.

Tool Set B can support Team Leads to facilitate difficult conversations that connect team members to each other and the work of improving student outcomes.

When a Success Team Lead becomes aware of major conflicts and/or a lack of progress due to team dynamics (i.e. conflicting priorities, philosophical differences), there is a need to refocus efforts. We recommend the use of a protocol from Tool Set B to create a safe space for honest and productive conversations. 

Use the Tool Set

The full Strengthening Success Team Purpose Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the two tools in this Tool Set. 

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Tool Name Type

Modified Hopes and Fears Protocol

An activity that acknowledges significant events and related fears in order to move a team forward while providing space for individual processing.


Cleaning the Lens Protocol

This protocol re-establishes individual commitments by reconnecting team members with the work on a personal level.