Understanding Research & Applying Data

The purpose of NCS is to bridge the gap between the research and the practice.” - Sarah Howard, Director of Professional Learning

The application of research and data is essential to successfully implementing On-Track work in your school or district. In this Component, you will find tools to further your understanding of the fundamental On-Track research as well as guides for developing and tracking interventions. This Component also includes tools to support your team in communicating On-Track research to staff, students, and families. 

Use the Toolkit Component

The Understanding Research & Applying Data Component contains five Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below. 

Tool Sets: Understanding Research & Applying Data

Calculating Freshman On-Track

The Freshman On-Track indicator provides a clear metric for predicting high school graduation in Chicago and targeting students for intervention. Tool Set A contains the essential research and background knowledge on Freshman On-Track so educators can begin this work in their school or district. 

Building Relationships to Support the Transition to High School

Building relationships with students is a critical lever for supporting them in the transition to high school. 

Developing and Tracking Interventions

One responsibility of the Success Team is to develop and track interventions. Tool Set C provides Success Teams with resources to design effective interventions. 

Communicating On-Track Research to Staff, Students, and Families

Effectively communicating On-Track research and school-wide goals is important to create the necessary buy-in to improve outcomes for freshmen. 

Ongoing Research from the UChicago Consortium

 Since the release of the What Matters report, UChicago Consortium researchers have produced a plethora of new evidence on the transition to high school.