Setting Conditions for Success

Our organization... is creating a safe space for people to problem solve.” Herumakhi Mutefnout, NCS Director of Data and Continuous Improvement

Trust and respect is the foundation for developing and sustaining a successful team. In this Component, you will find tools to create and cultivate a community among team members. 

Use the Toolkit Component

The Setting Conditions for Success Component contains two Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below. 

Tool Sets: Setting Conditions for Success

Building Community

Success Teams are learning communities organized around the shared purpose of supporting students to successfully transition to high school. Tool Set A provides Team Leads with ideas for community building within Success Teams. 

Strengthening Success Team Purpose

All teams experience difficult situations that result in conflict and decreased productivity. During these times, it is important for members to be self-reflective and clarify the team’s purpose.