Calculating Freshman On-Track

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The Freshman On-Track indicator provides a clear metric for predicting high school graduation in Chicago and targeting students for intervention. Schools can set goals around the On-Track metric and monitor them on an ongoing basis.

The comprehensive “What Matters” report from the UChicago Consortium explores the foundational research that sparked the On-Track movement in Chicago, resulting in the dramatic increase in graduation rates. The Technical Notes tool illustrates how Freshman On-Track is calculated in Chicago Public Schools. We recognize this is a Chicago-specific example. However, it can be used as a guide for establishing and communicating the On-Track metric in your school or district. 

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The full Calculating Freshman On-Track Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the two tools in this Tool Set. 

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What Matters for Staying On-Track & Graduating in Chicago Public High Schools

In this research report, UChicago Consortium authors Elaine M. Allensworth and John Q. Easton look into the elements of freshman course performance that predict whether students will graduate and suggest what educators can do to keep more teens in school. Chapter 1 of the report is included in this Toolkit. For the entire report, click here >


Technical Notes for Freshman On-Track

This document was created by Chicago Public Schools to define how Freshman On-Track is calculated and provides considerations for appropriate use of the metric. The Network for College Success has edited this document to remove out-of-date references.