Planning for a Success Team Meeting

Tool Set C

Strong meeting facilitation is integral to achieving the goals of any team. This collection of tools is intended to help Team Leads and/or administrators hold effective and productive meetings.

Successful meetings start with proper preparation. This is followed by intentional facilitation that organizes team members around current and new tasks. The final step is ensuring timely follow-up on agreed-upon tasks and clear communication about subsequent meetings. Teams Leads can use these tools to help them during each step of the process.

Use the Tool Set

The full Planning for a Success Team Meeting Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the two tools in this Tool Set.   

Tool Name Type

Success Team Meeting Planning Checklist

This checklist guides the careful and intentional planning of team meetings.


Success Team Meeting Agenda Template

A tool that can serve as a thoughtful road map for accomplishing the goals of the team meeting.