Planning for Your Success Team

Tool Set A

Administrators must deliberately select team members that not only understand the importance of the transition to high school, but also genuinely care about the achievement of their students. Strong Team Leads can build relationships with students and adults as well as facilitate data-driven conversations that lead to sound decision-making.

Administrators, along with the Team Lead, should refer to Tool Set A during the initial phases of team planning and development. These tools provide ideas and considerations as you develop the systems and structures for this work in your school. Additionally, the job descriptions support your process for selecting team members. Some school communities have the resources to develop an On-Track Coordinator role who manages the operations of Success Team work.

Once formed, your Success Team can use these tools to support the clear communication of meeting expectations and as a source for providing feedback to Team Leads.

Use the Tool Set

The full Planning for Your Success Team Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the two tools in this Tool Set. 

Tool Name Type

Sample Job Descriptions for Success Team Leads & Members

This set of sample job descriptions clarifies the roles and responsibilities of Team Leads and members.


Freshman Academy Team Calendar Planning Considerations

This tool illustrates an alternative team structure wherein a Freshman Academy is created within a school to execute the exclusive duties of a freshman success program.