Assessing Success Team Progress

Tool Set D

Success Teams should build time into their regular routines for assessment, reflection, and action planning. The Network for College Success encourages quarterly informal assessments. This allows the team to pause and celebrate successes. Regular team assessment can also reveal areas of concern that may require the team to set additional goals or take a new approach to the work.

Success Teams should approach assessment as a collaborative process grounded in a clear set of criteria or expectations for team performance. The Freshman Success Inventory is based on the NCS Freshman Success Framework (see the Framework in the About section of this Toolkit). The Inventory allows each team member to reflect on and respond to the criteria, after which the results are compiled so the entire team can determine a final performance level. Based on the data, teams are encouraged to set quarterly goals and action plans.

The video on Hancock High School showcases a high-functioning Success Team engaging in a solutions-oriented conversation about their students.

Use the Tool Set

The full Assessing Success Team Progress Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the three tools in this Tool Set. 

Tool Name Type

Freshman Success Inventory

A tool to collaboratively assess current practices across three main areas – the Success Team, the Team Lead, and the Administration – using four performance levels (Embedded, Practicing, Emerging, and Not Yet Practicing).


Success Analysis Protocol

A protocol to analyze the development of a best practice so lessons can be applied to future work.


Success Team in Action: Hancock High School Video

A video that provides a snapshot of a Success Team successfully facilitating an accountable conversation about student outcomes.