Facilitating Effective Adult Collaboration and Conversation

Tool Set A

A focus on effective adult collaboration moves teams toward becoming accountable communities that are able to address issues with a problemsolving approach rather than trying to ignore or minimize them. Accountable communities also self-monitor group and individual functioning and share both urgency and hope (The Skillful Leader by Platt and Tripp, 2000).

Tool Set A supports Team Leads and members to acquire the necessary background knowledge to become an accountable and professional learning community focused on student achievement and results. Along with a professional reading, and/or the presentation in this Tool Set, your Success Team can assess the ingredients for effective adult collaboration and conversation.

Use the Tool Set

The full Facilitating Effective Adult Collaboration and Conversation Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the three tools in this Tool Set. 

Tool Name Type

How Adults Can Work Together Presentation

A sample presentation to share with Success Team members focused on working together to improve On-Track rates.

Slide Deck

Communities that Undermine Learning

An article that describes how three community prototypes – Toxic, Lassiez-Faire, and Congenial – serve as obstacles to team functioning and, as a result, limit improvement efforts.


Conversations in Schools that Improve Student Achievement

A quick guide that provides criteria and specific language for collegial conversations focused on student outcomes.