Facilitating Data-Driven Conversations

Tool Set B

The Network for College Success believes multiple forms of data can be powerful tools for school improvement when they are used to trace causes, seek solutions, and guide change. Data-driven conversations require careful facilitation to ensure a safe and supportive environment wherein educators take ownership of their outcomes. It is important for Success Team members to be open to honest reflection about successes and struggles.

All Success Team conversations should be rooted in data, so Team Leads must select protocols that support the effective facilitation of these conversations. The protocols in Tool Set C are frequently used in Network for College Success partner schools. Your team should establish a regular routine for using protocols as part of your data conversations to improve student outcomes.

Using protocols might feel forced at first try, but trust the process. The protocol is structured to create a safe environment for all.

Use the Tool Set

The full Facilitating Data Driven Conversations Tool Set is available for download. The download includes the three tools in this Tool Set. 

Tool Name Type

ATLAS-Looking at Data Protocol

A protocol to guide conversation when data is the focal point. The structured approach of a protocol, with clear norms and expectations for conversation, creates a safe space for all participants. This protocol supports equity of voice and allows all members to describe the data, make inferences, and share implications for future work.


Wagon Wheel Tool for Data Analysis

A tool that allows for the triangulation and assessment of multiple variables and data points.


Success Team in Action: North-Grand High School

A video that provides a snapshot of a Success Team holding an accountable conversation using a structured protocol.